Frequently Asked Questions

What standard of player do you accept?

Although a very friendly club to play at, we do have an obligation to all members who range from club to county representative. Therefore we are not really suited to absolute beginners. We try to bring new players on as best we can in the first few sessions, particularly those who are a little rusty, but after that we expect new members to be of a reasonable standard. We think it is best to be up front with new members and certainly if or club is not for you then we hope we can put you in touch with suitable alternatives.

What type of shuttles do you use?

We use feather shuttle for both club night and matches.

Do you accept guests?

Yes, but only for a limited time, insurance rules dictate this restriction. We are allowed to offer up to 6 sessions before the guest is required to join the club. However if you subsequently decide to join the club any money paid to that date will be 'credited' towards the membership fee.

How much does it cost to join?

For a full 12 months of Badminton (July-June) the fees are:

£140 (18+ in full employment)

£105 (In full time education)

A pro rata fee will be set when joining mid season.

The fees are split into two payments during the 12 months

Does all the money go to the club?

No. The club is run as a non profit-making organisation. A proportion of the fee goes in affiliation fees to the national and county governing bodies, the rest covers courts, shuttles, insurance etc.

If I join do I have to play in matches?

No, this will be entirely up to you. The teams are usually ‘selected in August/September so if you join mid-season you may have to wait until the next season. Having said that, having a few teams in the league usually allows us to give all members, new or old, a chance to play in matches.